(Worldwide Excellence Academy)

WE English College welcomes all students from different countries and cultures. Equality between nationality and nationality is important. They are treated equally at WE English College. The school is conveniently located 2 hours drive from Manila and 12 minutes from Clark Airport.

WE English College where the environment is very good. The college is a leisure resort with mango farms. And there are international schools, universities and shopping malls nearby.

WE English College does not want any student to be overlooked especially in terms of learning. So for each student arranged to help teachers, pay close attention to take care of students, including the classroom performance of students, with the students get along, the completion of daily study, and to guide students to prepare the exam.

Established: 2016
Management model: Semi-Spartan
Student capacity: 100 people
Percentage of nationality: Korea, China, other countries
Number of teachers: At present, they have nine Philip, a foreign teacher
Campus services: laundry service, room cleaning, 24 hour guards, medical room
Campus facilities: cafeteria, swimming pool, bamboo cafe, multi-purpose hall, outdoor recreation area, golf driving range, WIFI
Dormitory type: single room, 2-3 people, 4-8 people
Wireless network: WIFI is everywhere, every dormitory, office, restaurant and all other rooms
Access time: Monday to Sunday: students over 17 years of age can go out, back to school before 10 o’clock (17 years of age students may not go out alone)
Courses: Parents ESL, TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, Teenagers and Parents, Kindergarten
Course duration: 50 minutes
Pick up costs: Clark: free (Saturday, Sunday); Manila: 3500 pesos / car (4-5 people)

School Characteristics
◆ As long as you do not violate the security agreement with the school, students can enjoy the freedom, freedom of expression, free access, explore the surroundings, of course, including the use of a series of facilities.
◆ We wait for each student as a VIP client, students have the freedom to choose courses and schedules.
◆ College offers a variety of special activities, music classes, golf, swimming, horse riding and so on. Such activities have a corresponding schedule, once selected, shall not be arbitrarily changed.
◆ Students over 4 years of age are enrolled