(University of Visayas ESL Academy)

The UV College is located on the campus of the University of Cezona. This is the first school in the province of Cebu to obtain university status. UV student diversity is not limited to Asian countries. UV English Academy has been working to maintain the world level of English teaching quality.

In order to help students improve their English proficiency, UV has developed a series of activities such as English and English lectures, dramatic lectures, impromptu speeches and persuasive speeches. As well as various volunteer activities.

Moreover, in addition to the ESL program, the college also offers a university attendance study program, students can learn with the students of Victoria IELTS. In addition, students who have studied at the college for more than 8 weeks can obtain a certificate from the university.


Established : 2009
Management Mode: Half Spartan
Student capacity: 185
Nationality ratio: South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, other countries students
Number of teachers: 92 lawyers and 1 foreign teachers
Campus services: laundry service, room cleaning, Chinese student manager, 24 hour guards, medical room
Campus facilities: basketball court, table tennis table, fitness center, convenience store, university library, university hospital, university cafeteria, study room, convenience store
Dormitory type: single room, 2rooms, 3 rooms, 4 rooms
Wireless internet: dormitory
Access time: Sunday to Thursday 23:00, Friday and Saturday before the holiday: 01: 00
Courses: ESL, semi-intensive courses, IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, Business English, Global Internship Program, University Sit-In Course
Course duration: 40 minutes
Pick-up date: Friday 18:00 to Monday 06:00; Monday to Friday 06: 00-18: 00 (start date is Monday after pick-up date)
Pick up costs: group pick up 600 pesos, personal pick up 800 pesos

School Characteristics
◆ UV is Cebu Visas University affiliated language school, Visa University is Cebu a century old school, has developed eight campuses, and more than 3 million students.
◆ location, the University of the hospital, you can 24 hours to deal with first aid, from the large shopping malls or sports center ten minutes walk.
◆ share university resources, such as: library, study room, etc., spare time can also and university students or foreign students exchange, has a very strong academic atmosphere.
◆ In addition, there is a university attendance course, as long as the relevant professional interested in the level of English to allow the case, you can attend some of the university professional courses.
◆ cooperation with Japanese and Korean universities or multinational companies, so in these students in the UV can not only learn the language, you can also certification credits.
◆ the most advanced student management system, students from the school day, to record the students in the UV attendance and test trails all the courses, as long as the student’s account password can log on the web side to master the student’s learning situation.