(C2 Uni-Best English Center Academy)

C2 language school affiliated to a Japanese company, UBEC language school affiliated to a Korean company. They merged into C2UBEC language schools in September 2015. Japanese students in the C2UBEC language school had a large proportion of Korean schools, so most of the previous Korean food was now declining, simplifying the service system, adding more protein foods With Japanese food.

Established : 2005
Management Mode: Spartan
Student capacity: 150
Nationality ratio: South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, other countries
Number of teachers: 60 lawyers
Campus services: laundry service, room cleaning, 24 hour guards, medical room
Campus facilities: lobby, library, gym, saloon
Dormitory type: single room, 2 rooms, 3rooms, 4rooms
Wireless internet: internet lounge
Access time: Sunday to Thursday is not allowed to go out, Friday and Saturday before the holiday: 00:00
Courses: ESL 4, ESL 5, ESL 6, ESL 8, Super ESL 8, ESL 10, TOEIC Pre Course, Business Course, Family Course (Parent) ), Family Course (Junior) (Family Course (Teen))
Course duration: 45 minutes
Pick up date: Pick up every Saturday (open date is after Monday)
Pick up costs: group pick up free of charge

School Characteristics
◆ UBEC is mainly composed of Japanese students, is the only study tour cooperation PC, the largest proportion of Japanese students language school, located in Cebu city, from the airport 20-30 minutes.
◆ UBEC Know English Program is a course specially designed by UBEC’s many years of research and student feedback. This is a pioneering study of English, this course teaches you how to correctly learn English, and help you get rid of the wrong habits.
◆ UBEC that everyone has the limits of learning, so UBEC provides many holiday activities and cultural courses to cultivate students’ physical and mental.
◆ UBEC is not just a place to learn, but also a good place for you to make friends from all over the country. Here you can not only know Koreans, Japanese and other Asian people, you can also know friends outside of Asia. By recognizing new friends and learning different cultures, you can make your vision more open.