TALK Yangco / E&E

(Teaching Actual Language and Know-how)

TALK academy is one of the leading English academies in Baguio City, Philippines. A transformative learning institution equipped in providing excellent English education. It also provides continuing education programs for teachers to enhance their abilities and skills to be able to share to the students. TALK has the most number of native speaker teachers in Baguio, City. In every program they provided at least 1 lesson of group class conducted by native speaker teacher to adapt the fluency of English accent.

Established: year 2008
Management Mode: Yangco campus and non-Sparta & Sparta, E & E Campus non-Sparta
Nationality Ratio: Yangco campus and E & E Campus: South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, and other
Number of Teachers: Yangco campus: 58 Phil teachers, Native teacher 2; E & E Campus: 28 Phil 28 teachers, 2 Native teacher
Campus Services: laundry washing, room cleaning, Chinese manager, medical room, 24-hour security and CCTV
Campus facilities: gym, basketball court, canteen, library, WIFI zone
Dormitory Type: Yangco Campus: Triple, Quadruple; E & E Campus: single, double, triple
Curfew Time: Yangco campus, students Spartans allowed to go out from Monday to Friday; 22:00 non Sparta students. E & E campus TOEIC, IELTS students are not allowed to go out Monday to Friday. ESL students before 22:00.
YANGCO course: ESL
E & E courses: ESL, Pre-IELTS, Pre-TOEIC, TOEIC & IELTS Guarantee
Course Duration: 50 minutes
Pick-up Time: Every two weeks of Sunday (starting class is every Monday)

School Characteristics
◆ TALK is well-received in South Korea for its excellent educational quality, especially TOEIC courses.
◆ YANGCO campus is located in an advanced hotel, has a good learning and accommodation, providing a variety of different levels of Sparta ESL courses, students can according to their oral or examination of learning needs to choose their own courses. Students can go to foreign language courses on a daily basis.
◆ E & E campus is located in a detached apartment, with more spacious accommodation, providing non-Spartan ESL courses, E & E campus has more Japanese students and students in Taiwan, suitable for international students like the atmosphere of learning.
◆ TALK English School is committed to provide a home-like environment and a variety of learning environment learning environment choice.

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