Study English in the Philippines

Experience and Study English in the Philippines

English has been the most useful language in many countries or maybe their second language. As the time goes we are experiencing global competition in the English language. Now we must study English for us to be globally competitive.

In the Philippines, we already have an English subject even we’re just in grade school. We study from the basic to the hardest part of it. We practice this skill by reading English mediums like books, newspapers, magazines, and charts that personally made by dedicated teachers. It is also practiced by having one new word every day so that we can widen our English vocabulary. We also often open a dictionary to further understand what we are reading.

Secondary or High School and College level there are some subjects that we are prohibited to speak any language except English or the so-called rule “English Only Please.”

Finding a job requires to at least can speak, write and understand the English language. For the experience that we had from school, we can at least find a job that suits our qualifications. Nowadays, if a person can excellently speak, write and understand the English language he/she can easily find the job he/she really wants.

English is widely spoken in the Philippines. We use this language in government and businesses. It is also a medium of instruction in education. Almost Filipinos can speak and understand English because it has been part of our daily lives.

Based on 2017 report of EF EPI The Philippines ranked #15 out of 80 countries for “The world’s largest ranking of countries by English skills”  with a total score of 60.59 next to Serbia. And The Philippines ranked number 3 in Asia.

The Philippine government supports the program of teaching English as a Secondary Language that is open for all especially foreigners who want to learn the English Language. There are several schools that offer this program which mostly located in Clark, Cebu, Baguio, Bacolod, and Iloilo. These schools offer different kinds of English language programs that students can choose. One is to one, one is to two, one is to four, and one is to one group are the common types of studying in those schools.

Quality and affordable education await every student who wants to study the English language in the Philippines. There are also travel destinations that travelers must try before or after their program. We have a lot of beautiful places that you must try and see. Fall in love with the view of the Philippines and experience the hospitality of the Filipino people.