Student’s Feedback

Student Bill’s English Learning Experience at BECI Academy

English Name: Bill

Course: Speed ESL

Level: Elementary 2

Duration: 24 weeks

I came to Baguio English School in BECI to study and it has been more than a month already. Today I’m going to write about my feelings for this month. Philippine English school mostly offers accommodation and English can be in use throughout the day. In the Philippines, the environment of the English language is very good. Seventy percent 70% of the students are from Japan and South Korea, few are from China, the mainland or other nationalities so there are lesser chance to speak Mandarin.

In the Philippines, English is the official language so you can observe that from newspapers, books, television, and movies. In addition to that, most of the TV programs use English and they speak very fast, that’s the feeling of being in the Philippine English environment, however, there are also some TV programs to choose from in which they use English but not that fast.

My English school education in China and my English training here in Baguio are very different. In here, I have 4 man to man classes and 2 group classes, so you could have at least 6 hours a day. This is very advantageous to me so I can improve my English skills. In my country, most of the time English class focuses on listening and reading. The average duration for practicing English thru speaking takes a few minutes only. Also, having a private English teacher costs a lot and this cost could be equal to a whole day pay in the Philippines.

Well, let’s talk about BECI English Academy, my school. It is located in Baguio City. This city is also known as the center of Education in the whole Philippines. When it comes to weather, it is not that cold. The lowest I have experienced so far is 15 degrees.

Baguio City’s infrastructure is not that well developed. The road is narrow so during holidays, traffic jams are easy to happen. BECI English Academy is located 7km from the city center. It takes 15 minutes to get to BECI and it cost about 90 pesos and that’s equivalent to 13RMB. Aside from taxi, there is also jeepney which is the main transportation of the locals to get to school and their work. It costs 13 pesos and that’s like 2RMB. BECI English Academy is located on a mountain slope so the sceneries around the school are very beautiful. When it comes to accommodation, I chose triple room so I can practice my English most of the time with my roommates. Unfortunately, my Korean roommates’ English ability is not so good but we still keep talking to practice. Even though our situation is like this we still get along pretty well.


Chris Photo

Name: Chao Cai (Chris)

Hello everyone!

I am so happy to share my testimony here. I stayed in the Philippines for 11 months, and I will return to continue to improve my English capability. I am glad to learn and travel with the help from YOUXUEPC. I studied two schools in Baguio City, one is TALK academy and the other one is CNS2 academy. YOUXUEPC staffs are very enthusiastic; they patiently answer and solve your problem. It is really heart touching because when I got there, I started from scratch (zero) but now I can speak and write English language to communicate with teachers and foreign students.

Also, there are many students from Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other countries, aside from exercising our English ability, we also learn different cultures from different individuals we meet, and this is the best experience I will never forget.

I am very happy that I learned English here in the Philippines, and meet my friends who supported me to achieve this level.

Alice photo

Name: Zhang Cunyan (Alice)

Hi this is Alice from China, I stayed in the Philippines for about 5 years and here what I can tell about it.

The Philippines is a tropical country, the weather is perfectly fine and the people are very hospitable, they give you warm welcome when you come here. The Philippines is a good country to live in because it respects different religion and aside the prosperous and populated Manila, there are also different places in the Philippines like Clark, Cebu, and Baguio. A different place in the Philippines comes with different culture and belief.

The Philippines is a developing country, perhaps the national conditions or national identity is different from China, but in most parts of the Philippines life can be very comfortable. The Philippines is also a fun country, alpine sea (mountains and the sea), historical sites, are worth to see. The Philippines is a great place to learn English.

Since English is their second language you will experience immersive learning and on your progress you will see.



English Study Philippines (students feedback 1)

This is my first time to stay in a foreign country for a long time. Although I stayed in CPILS Philippine English School for only a month, I’ve got a lot of wonderful memories. Since I studied Sparta course, I felt tired on my first week, but eventually felt better the next.

Because my classmates and teachers are foreigners, I speak English most of the time. Thus, my speaking and pronunciation have improved obviously, especially my writing teacher Darren— she checked every sentence I made and so my writing skill has progressed significantly.

English Study Philippines (students feedback 1)

Taiwanese student manager Jerry in CPILS Philippine English School who comes from Taiwan is very kind. Whenever we have any questions, he responds in a friendly manner and addresses our concerns immediately. He is a very responsible manager.

On the weekends, students usually take a tour around Cebu City, which is much cheaper than that in Taiwan. Besides, CPILS is located in the downtown area, so we can go anywhere within few minutes. Another activity most students, including me, plan to do every weekend is island hopping. On my first weekend, I went to Oslob to watch whale-sharks. It was my first time to swim with these enormous animals, a memory still vivid in my mind. The next weekend, I went cliff-diving in Camotes, an activity which I have never tried before. I will never forget these new experiences. On my last weekend, I went to the islands of Nalusuan and Caohagan. The activities there were less active than those mentioned above — we just enjoyed the views and the beach.

If given enough time, I want to study in CPILS Philippine English School again not only for studying but also to understand the culture of Cebu comprehensively.

Student Study Tour – Cebu Historical City

 English Study Philippines (students feedback)

Cebu City has a lot of historical and scenic spots that local and foreign tourists frequently visit. That’s why Cebu Blue Ocean has opened an opportunity for its students to experience being an average tourist in the queen city of the south.

It’s not easy touring a city even if you really want to. There are a lot of challenges especially if you’re not much of an adventurer. What’s more, language barrier and complicated transportation routes can get in the way of your tour.

City Tour Details

The academy’s city tour happens every first Saturday of the school’s term. The tour is just 800 pesos per student and it includes a rented van, two handsome teachers equipped with extensive knowledge about Cebu’s history, a scrumptious meal at one of Cebu’s famous native restaurants, and a visit to five popular spots in the city.

Starting the tour at 8 in the morning, a rented van picks up the students at the EGI Hotel and goes straight to the first stop- Cebu’s Santo Niño Church. This church is famously known as the oldest Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines. Because most of the students on tour have different religions (some of them have none) being inside a historical church and learning about it is surely an experience they can’t forget.

English Study Philippines (students feedback)English Study Philippines (students feedback)English Study Philippines (students feedback)English Study Philippines (students feedback)English Study Philippines (students feedback)English Study Philippines (students feedback)English Study Philippines (students feedback)English Study Philippines (students feedback)

The next stop on the tour is a quick visit to Fort San Pedro. The students will get to know more about the history of the Philippines and Spain through this military defense structure. The fort is also a perfect way for the students to know why some Filipinos are lighter in skin color compared to others. A mini museum inside the fort serves as a quick educational trip to the Philippines’ history. Adorable cats go around the area. One even guards the entrance.

Cebu City has a significant number of Chinese residences which is why places such as the Taoist Temple were built to cater to their religious practices. This is also the third stop on the city tour. You will reach the temple located atop a winding hill. Tourists are able to look down on an amazing view of the city. The quietness and serenity of the place allow the students to relax and get in touch with their spirituality.

They serve lunch at Lantaw a famous native restaurant after some soul-searching at the Taoist Temple. The restaurant also offers a spectacular view, especially if you plan to eat there during the golden hour. You can also try to get to Top’s lookout. You may check the spectacular view. Indeed, Tops Lookout is probably one of the best places to go for that panoramic view of the whole Cebu city. Finally, it’s also a perfect place to take the perfect jump shot photo. You can have a little drink or snack as you watch the bustling city down below.