PIA Cooyeesan / Chapis

(Pines International Academy)

15 years of excellence and counting! PINES INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY, INC.is still on top of the list for biggest and longest ESL centers in Baguio City. Located near the city center, two buildings of the school campus make students’ life easier and more enjoyable.

DEVELOPED CURRICULUM that would cater to all ages; elementary, high school, university students, professionals and anyone interested to study ENGLISH are all welcome. The school also gives opportunity to study On-Line before coming to Pines or after graduation.

Secret weapons which are truly priceless and treasured, TEACHERS, not just teachers take note, but QUALIFIED TEACHERS with a four-year Bachelor’s degree course or even higher educational attainment that comes along with trainings given to them that would fit perfectly to the needs of English language learners. PERFECT VENUE to study, living and to exchange diverse cultures by making foreign friends inside and outside classroom. To become a globally competitive and more eloquent speaker, your English study starts in Pines International Academy.

Established: year 2001
Management Mode: Semi Sparta, Sparta
Student Capacity: 450 people (Cooyeesan Campus 300, Chapis Campus 150).
Nationality Ratio: South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, China, Mongolia, others
Number of Teachers: Philippines, more than 250 teachers
Campus Services: laundry washing, room cleaning, Chinese student manager, 24-hour security, medical room
Cooyeesan Campus facilities: gym, basketball court, badminton courts, a supermarket, golf course, cafes, ATM, bank, pharmacy, clinic, computer room, car park, library, WIFI zone
Chapis Campus Facilities: mini shop, gym, WIFI area, table tennis, infirmary
Dormitory type: single, double, triple, quadruple
Wireless Network: computer classroom with internet access the remaining Internet (WIFI) Please follow points campuses notice shall prevail
Curfew Time: Monday to Friday not allowed to go out, Saturday and Sunday from 06:00 to 21:00
School Rules: the room can not drink, can smoke outside the hostel, but can not be thrown away cigarette butts with ash.
Cooyeesan campus courses: Power ESL, Intensive-ESL, Premium ESL, teens and parents’ education, youth summer and winter camps
Chapis campus courses: Power ESL, Intensive-ESL, Premium ESL, IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL , OPIC (Computer oral interview), IELTS guarantee (6-10)
Course Duration: 50 minutes
Pick-up Time:  Every other Saturday of the Month 08:00, 18:00 & 23:00 (starting class is every Monday)

School Characteristics
◆ PINES have Cooyeesan Campus (beginning and intermediate English skills and general ESL) and Chapis Campus (intermediate and advanced English ability and professional courses) two campuses, twenty minutes away by car. Blue Ocean with Cebu is sister school.
◆ Student satisfaction rate is very high and Extension
◆ campus students are assigned based on student grades 1-10 assigned level 1-5 in Cooyeesan area, basic English classes, usually available in other languages communicate with the multinational student manager. At least 10 hours of lessons per day. Students will be assigned to the Chapis campus through their own efforts, and the 6-10 classes will be held at the Chapis Campus, English Advanced Classes, TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS courses. EOP system (English only), at least 8 hours a day on the course.
◆ IELTS ensure class time is different from the other 12 weeks of the Institute, only 10 weeks. If it does not reach the 1.0 upgrade every 10 weeks, the tuition fee will be refunded. Of course, in this period there will be 13 times the mock exam, if there are three results decline, will cancel the student’s qualification class, arrange ordinary IELTS courses.
◆ teacher strict management to ensure the quality of teaching has been leading. Teacher salaries are generally higher than those of other schools in Baguio. And each teacher will be pre-service for a month-long training, a month later, the College and then screened. Students will also grade the teacher, if the teacher’s score is too low, the college will give the appropriate verbal warning or punishment, the third warning is directly dismissed.
◆ College offers network classes, teaching through skype average online student enrollment of about 500, from Monday to Friday every day online time of 7: 00-23: 00, to facilitate students to continue their studies after returning courses.
◆ student manager and manager of campus life is managed separately from the students. The course is also a four-week cycle, each phase of the test, the test results determine the next four weeks of the course.
◆ Cooyeesan campus downstairs is the best gym in Baguio, a professional fitness instructor, accompanied by guide and do fitness program. PINES students enjoy discounts.
◆ Institute in the diet is also very body center, small dishes, but the main course and delicious, spicy and not spicy soup is divided into two kinds, different menu every day, national cuisine has also often have dumplings.
◆ The school has a large supermarket, banks, Japantown, MASSAGE and other nearby life super convenient!


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