(Philinter Center for English Language)

The College of English at Philnter offers excellent English courses, located in the city of Cebu, Philippines.

The College is committed to providing a high quality and efficient learning environment. In January 2008, the school began offering Saturday courses so that students can learn more knowledge and English skills. The college is dedicated to developing and providing better quality courses for students.

Moreover, the Philinter English Institute offers immersive English teaching to help students achieve their personal development by carrying out various recreational activities, gatherings and various forms of communication activities. Every month there are course-related learning activities. With the guidance of TIM’s completely immersive theory, these immersion activities allow students to realize that learning English is not only available in closed classrooms, but also in public places such as performances, responses, interactions, and hobbies English.

Established: 2003
Management model: Semi- Sparta
Student capacity: 150 people
Nationality ratio: Korea, Japan, other countries students (Vietnam, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Mongolia, Russia)
Number of teachers: 90 teachers in the Philippines, 1 foreign teachers
Campus services: laundry service, room cleaning, Chinese student manager, 24 hour guards, medical room
Campus facilities: multimedia room, rest hall, library, swimming pool, cafeteria, infirmary and WIFI area (dormitory)
Dormitory type: single room, 2 people and 3 people (on-campus and off-campus hostels)
Wireless internet: dormitory and dormitory lobby
Access time: Sunday to Friday access 22:00, Saturday and holidays before the night access 00:00
Off-campus hostel: No access control (5 minutes by car from Philinter)
Courses: ESL, children ESL, intensive spoken ESL, IELTS, business English, care
Course duration: 45 minutes
Pick-up date: Saturday and Sunday (start date is Monday after pick-up date)
Pick up costs: group pick up 800 pesos, personal pick up 1200 pesos

School Characteristics
◆ Phiniinter is the only school in the Philippines with the largest number of Japanese students and a student’s most international school.
◆ Philinter’s mission is to provide the best quality of teaching and to serve the students with this belief and to become the only member of the ALTO (International Language Association) in the Philippines in 2013.
◆ Philinter is recommended by the Philippine Tourism Board as one of the most suitable English language schools for foreign students, thanks to advanced facilities and an environment conducive to student learning.
◆ business course teacher from the Cambridge business master training, the real teacher guidance.
◆ Exam class at least once a week for compulsory mock exams and exams on Saturdays Every student on the first Saturday of the month has a mock exam.
◆ The course support program is Philip’s latest innovative high-quality teaching program, providing students with a series of teaching activities aimed at bridging students’ ability to apply knowledge and reality in the classroom.