(Monol International Education Institute)

For students throughout Asia, provide excellent courses to meet the different needs of students. Through the establishment of students’ English foundation, to train their professional business, immigration or study the necessary communication skills. At MONOL, it is not only guaranteed that every student is fluent in English, but also ensures that they are internationally competitive.

The Job Ready Program (JRP) for Australian Working Holiday is a new program that MONOL Academy offers for free. It’s not really a curriculum like ESL course. It’s only an assistance program for a student that’s why it’s free. They pick students who have plans to go to Australia for Working Holiday after studying in MONOL and they also give priority to those who already have a visa.

Established: year 2003
Management Mode: Sparta and non Sparta (optional)
Student Capacity: 300 or more
Nationality ratio: Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, others
Number of Teachers: Filipino teachers more than 100
Campus Services: laundry washing, room cleaning, Chinese manager, medical room, 24-hour security and CCTV
Campus Facilities: cafeteria, coffee shop, canteen, sauna, yoga room, gym, table tennis room, pool tables, basketball court, golf driving range, ATM, computer room, school medical room, drinking water purifiers ( Very unique service)
Dormitory Type: Double room, triple room, triple room + 1 (3 students + 1 teacher), quadruple, room for 6
Wireless Internet: class rooms and  dormitories
Curfew Time: Weekdays are not allowed to go out, on Saturday no access control, Sunday at 21:00
Courses/Program: General ESL, Basic English, IELTS, TOEIC, IELTS Guarantee, Junior Program
Course Duration: 50 minutes
Pick-up Time:Every other Saturday of the month 20: 00-24: 00(starting class is every Monday)

School Characteristics
◆ In addition to regular lectures, students can apply for up to 3 hours a day 30 minutes of free additional courses.
◆through the 6-stage training to carry out teacher management, for the new teachers, the school will be in the teacher before the formal training of basic training. The teacher is managed separately by course type, so it is more professional.
◆ the entire campus requires only speak English, said mother tongue caught will be fine. A fine is raised for students who violate school rules and will arrange snacks for students.
◆regularly designated topics to hold a writing contest, use the Institute of sports space held a variety of sports competitions, so that amateur life rich and colorful.
◆MONOL concept is: live and learn, to ensure the quality of teaching students in the case, the school tried every means to improve students in the campus life. MONOL school building is self-built, in order to allow students to live better in MONOL, not only dormitory logistics is extremely convenient, but also provides a gym, basketball court, golf training ground, sauna, yoga room, self-service barbecue and so on facilities, all free , High cost.
◆all the dormitory room patterns are exactly the same, there are sunshine, windows, bathroom separate, each dormitory has a refrigerator, a wetting machine, two rooms to share a WIFI, every small layout are comfortable and reasonable.


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