Midlife Crisis – You are not alone

Midlife Crisis – You are not alone ESP is with you

If you’re somewhere between your twenties and thirties, you might be experiencing a serious low point in your life. A trial of confused identity, misguided purpose, and hopeless transition or simply you just don’t know what you want. And, if you’re anything like you feel lost, you want something you don’t know what it is, or you are overwhelmed by life’s decision. But you’re not alone, even if it feels that way, and there are plenty of ways to lighten things up.

According to a recent study titled Emerging adulthood, early adulthood and quarter-life crisis: Updating Erikson for the 21st Century, by Dr. Oliver Robinson at the University of Greenwich, this time in your life breaks down into five main phases:

  1. Phase One: You feel trapped by your life choices, like your job, relationship, or both. You’re living a monotonous
  2. Phase Two: You get a sense of “I’ve got to get out of this” and feel a growing sense that change is possible if you just take a leap.
  3. Phase Three: You quit the job, end the relationship, or break the commitment that’s making you feel trapped. Then you detach and enter a “time out” period where try to rediscover who you are and who you want to be.
  4. Phase Four: You begin rebuilding your life slowly but surely.
  5. Phase Five: You develop new commitments that are more in line with your interests and aspirations.

What you are going through is normal­ – midlife crisis, YOU’RE NOT ALONE. Maybe at this point in life, you have so much confusion, uncertainties or even you may doubt yourself or your own abilities. In times like this, you need a healing, reflect and write down all your uncertainties. Acknowledging what is the problem is one of the best skills a human can learn.

From phase one to phase three: Is a phase of your life you know you need to plan something, just when you are going to do it? This time is the best time to do “time out” and seek self-improvement. One of the things that will let you feel much empowered is through communication. Improving your communication skills during a time-out part of your life can serve a healing to your uncertainties.  English Study Philippines offers to study the English Language in the Philippines as short as 2 weeks and as long as 24 weeks study programs or as long as you wanted. The agency offers different English Language programs depending on the level of the student. English Study Philippines specialized in engaging with Chinese students.

Phase four: you begin rebuilding your life slowly but surely. Taking a break while learning, is one of the best ways to deal with uncertainties in life. Having the same age group of people and having the same feeling towards life makes you feel not alone. Exchanging thoughts with your classmates towards things back home is a process of healing. Experiencing different cultures and observing another way of life is a gift of learning. Reflecting on your total study journey can serve a lifelong benefit.

Phase five: You develop new commitments that are more in line with your interests and aspirations. Before you end your study travel program, unknowingly you will realize you have reinvented yourself. Realizing what is the purpose of your goals. With this communication journey, you are not alone with English Study Philippines.


Source: Part of the article is from Patrick Allan

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