(Keunmoon English School)

KES through a series of research and development, to provide a unique, comprehensive, personalized teaching services. According to the needs and levels of students, appropriate adjustment of teaching management, to better help students learn. KES is committed to providing the best teaching, fostering students’ self-confidence and expertise, leading and guiding them to meet the challenges of learning.

Established: year 2011
Management Mode: Semi-Sparta
Student capacity: 20 students
Proportion of students: 100% Korean
Number of teachers: about 10 teachers in the Philippines
Campus services: laundry washing, room cleaning, security and CCTV
Campus facilities: Barbecue area, conference room
Dormitory type: single room, double room, triple room
Wireless internet: Dormitory area
Curfew time: Monday to Thursday is not allowed to go out, Friday – Saturday 01:00, Sunday 21:00
Courses/Program: General ESL, ALL Day ESL, IELTS / TOEFL / TOEIC / OPIC
Course Duration: 50 minutes
Pick-up Time: every Friday to Sunday 00: 00-01: 30 (starting class is every Monday)

School characteristics
◆ KEUNMOON between the Castle Peak Cui Song, a few simple floor, quiet and comfortable, is a good place to stop and learn.
◆ KEUNMOON school building is self-built, the principal was doing early childhood education, very fond of children, so their children and children curriculum design, for young children’s logistics service designed very intimate. Even the socket has done a special treatment. Of course, the curriculum for adults is also very professional.
◆ vice president is the Philippines local, pure pronunciation, the teachers are also managed very well.