English in Everyday Life

English has become widely spoken in the Philippines. It has been part of our daily lives. You can always encounter an English word everywhere you go. You can also find English reading mediums like newspapers, books, and magazines in many places such as convenience stores, etc.

English Study Philippines (Baguio City)

source: cityofpines.com

Filipinos are now more exposed to the English language because of mobile phones, computers and through their social media accounts. Many Filipinos have an access to the social media websites that they use to communicate with their families, friends, and relatives. You will practice your skills by socializing on these social media websites, it is also better to make the English language as the medium of instruction to a certain website.

Nowadays, parents already teach the English language to their children at a very young age maybe because they are preparing them for the possible opportunities in the future. They communicate every day by the English language. If you are good in the English language, there are lots of opportunities that you may take like traveling and working outside your country. You will encounter fewer difficulties communicating to other nationalities when you go to other countries.

Some News, Radio and other TV programs use the English language to broaden the number of their televiewers and listeners, it is because they think that not all people can understand the native language of the Philippines, there are also some other nationalities that have the interest to watch and listen to them. In the Philippines, there’s no such day that you can’t encounter the English language when you watch and listen to a TV and Radio program.

You can find English words even when you are on a street, you can notice them through the directions, policies, and regulations on that place, and posters or advertisement materials. Some restaurants and convenience stores also provide English reading materials for their customers. They prefer English because they know that many people can understand this language.

In schools, companies and other institutions use the English language for them to properly communicate to each other. They use this to easily understand the instructions given to them and achieve their common goals.

To study the English language in the Philippines is the best way to improve your English skills. You will experience the daily English lessons in different ways. You will encounter the reality of learning the English language where you will start from nothing and ended up gaining everything.

Plan for your future and start your journey now.