(ELSA International Language School)

ELSA is the only English language school in Cebu, Philippines that offers Karen’s pedagogy. This teaching method is an innovative group of oral classes, teachers and students through a series of questions and answers to complete the teaching process.

Students are highly engaged in this class, and each student has the opportunity to engage in a separate dialogue with the teacher. The teacher corrects the student’s grammatical structure, pronunciation and speed, while training the student’s hearing and the ability to express the complete sentence.

Callan teaching method is one of the most effective ways to learn English. By allowing students to answer a series of questions during the learning process, the students’ thinking is highly active and improves the learning efficiency. By this method, step by step, grammar The knowledge is easily learned and the vocabulary is expanded, and Callan teaching method has been shown to quadruple pace of learning.

Established: year 2002
Management Mode: Sparta
Student capacity: 120 students
Nationality Ratio: Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, others
Number of Teachers: About 60 Filipino Teachers
Campus Services: Laundry washing, Room cleaning, Medical room, 24 hours Security & CCTV
Campus Facilities: Library, Internet lounge, Badminton area, Swimming pool, Runway, Golf driving range, Gym
Dormitory: Double Room, Triple Room, Quadruple Room
Wireless Network: Internet lounge
Access time: Sunday to Thursday is not allowed to go out, Friday and Saturday before the holiday: 00:00
Courses/Program:ESL + HSS (Healing Speaking Sparta), MSC (Mega Speaking Course), JMP (Junior management Program), Parents Program, Kindergarten (5-6 years old)
Course duration: 50 minutes
Pick up Time: Every weekend depends on student itinerary(starting class is every Monday)
Pick up costs: 20USD (Saturday and Sunday); Sending Off Php700 (upon student request)

School Characteristics
◆ELSA English School was established in 2002, is a natural resort-style school, covers an area of ​​15,000 square meters, the entire campus mainly by the single-layer teaching area and dormitory building, the school has a courtyard, swimming pool As well as various sports facilities.
◆ELSA English School is located in the suburbs, 30 minutes from the city by car, so the school weekends for students to provide free school bus, so that students access to the campus. In addition, ELSA is only a 5-minute walk from the seaside, with many resorts nearby, which make up for the campus’s shortcomings.
◆ELSA belongs to Spartan English School and offers courses for more than 10 hours per day. In order to achieve the purpose of improving students ‘oral English proficiency, the ELSA English School offers a featured Callan Method course (Karen Teaching Methodology Course) to maximize the use of classroom time, increase the direct communication opportunities between students and teachers, and improve students’ listening, Spoken, pronounced and grammar levels.
◆ ELSA famous children’s courses, and with the Cebu Institute of Technology, French schools, AFM schools and other cooperation. Primary school students can go to the local school, the teacher will teach 4 months of English, and then 3 months of teaching materials and then sent to the local school, by the school arranged 1 year SSP