(Educational Group Grandma)

Established: 2013
Management model: Semi-Spartan
Student capacity: 220 people
Percentage of nationality: Japan, South Korea, other countries (varies with the season)
Number of teachers: 100 teachers in the Philippines, 15 teachers
Campus services: laundry service, room cleaning, Chinese student manager, 24 hour guards, medical room
Campus facilities: restaurant, dormitory, swimming pool, reading room, convenience store, basketball badminton court, video room
Dormitory type: single room, 2 people, 3 people, 4 people
Wireless network: most areas
Access time: Sunday to Thursday access control 11:00, Friday Saturday access 01:00
Courses: General ESL, Intensive ESL, Semi-Sparta, IELTS + ESL, TOEIC + ESL, TOEFL + ESL, Native Mixed, Golf + ESL, Native ESL, Junior Course, Guardian A (Parental Course)
Course duration: 45 minutes
Pick-up date: 24 hours a day on a six-day pick-up (start date is Monday after pick-up date)
Pick up costs: $ 60 for Manila and $ 20 for Clark

School Characteristics
◆ environmental petty bourgeoisie, each toilet is the use of high-grade toilet cover.
◆ Located in the most secure area near the Clarke Special Economic Zone.
◆ Convenient location, 15 minutes by car from Krak airport.
◆ a large number of foreign teachers from the Western countries: the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia