Clark Institute of the Philippines Foundation, Inc. or CIP is a private institute located near Clark in the Philippines. CIP has one of the most numbers of Native teachers in the Philippines. Their students can learn from English Native Speakers from America, Canada, Australia and England. Because of this, students have the benefits of learning Authentic English and cultural experiences of the English language. The best way to improve your English is to use it all the time that’s why students at CIP are required to commit to ‘English Only Policy’ so CIP students are more confident about using English every day in every situation.

All CIP faculties is composed of competent, passionate and regularly trained teachers, who are coached on the latest and most effective teaching methods with the use of the most appropriate teaching materials from Oxford and Cambridge. Moreover, the student consultation with each department head and buddy teacher is designed and monitored regularly to help student satisfaction and well-being.

Established: year 2007
Management Mode: Semi-Sparta
Student Capacity: 105 students
Nationality Ratio: Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, China, Thailand, others
Number of Teachers: 60 teachers in the Philippines, 12 foreign teachers
Campus services: Laundry washing, room cleaning, Chinese manager, medical room, 24 hours security and CCTV
Campus facilities: Canteen, gym, coffee shop, swimming pool, basketball court, badminton court
Dormitory type: Single, double A, double B, Tripe A, Triple B (dormitory with refrigerator, TV and WIFI)
Wireless Network: dormitory and classrooms
Curfew Time: Sunday to Thursday 23:00, Friday Saturday and public holiday day 01:00
Courses/Program: Intensive (A, B, C, D) Intensive Premium, Start Learner, Young Learners (A, B, C), Pre-IELTS/TOEIC/TOEFL, Guarantee Course, English for Guardians, Rapid 35/70 Intensive (1-2 weeks), Cambridge BEC (Business English Certificate), IFG (International Foundation Program)
Course duration: 45 minutes
Pick-up Time: Every second and fourth week of Saturday 18:00-03:00 (starting class is every Monday)

School Characteristics
◆ have the most foreign teachers, all group courses are foreign teachers.
◆ One-to-one lectures are available for the Native Speaker. Students can choose from American (UK) lecturers, foreign teachers to teach, examples of practical expression and context embodied in the examples, as well as other areas of instruction.
Low cost. CIP is located in the Philippines Clark (Clark) living in a lot of former and incumbent foreign lecturer, can achieve low tuition fees. In addition, the purchase of air tickets, due to China, Taiwan, Japan, the Russian Far East, the relative hemisphere of the country, the price has a great advantage.
◆ keep the English environment for 24 hours. Benefit from the proportion of students from China, Japan, Brazil, Vietnam, South Korea and other places to build a balanced, without the need for English corner (Zone) or English dormitory 24-hour English environment. At the same time, in addition to the provisions of the teaching, the trainees initiated by the cultural exchanges and seminars to create a more natural English environment.
◆ IFG project is to ensure that Asian students enter the US universities and colleges, to have the competitiveness of the English side. Make full use of the advantages of learning English in the Philippines, so that students enter the US universities and colleges, to meet the requirements of the school.