(Cebu Inter-knowledge Journey Academy)

CIJ in Cebu City, there are three campuses, campus location is very safe, leisure style. Because the size of each campus is limited, it is good to have a good grasp of each student’s situation. Provide different courses at night, even on weekends, but also provide opportunities for students to learn more knowledge. CIJ also offers students with different extracurricular activities, such as watching movies; different outdoor activities, every Saturday and teachers to experience Cebu’s culture, religion and famous tourist attractions.

Moreover, CIJ in the very important oral skills, set up a special course to ensure the extraordinary quality of teaching.

Established: year 2003
Management Mode: Classic & Premium Campus: Semi-Sparta; Sparta Campus
Student Capacity: Classic: 80, Premium: 60 & Sparta: 56
Nationality Ratio: South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, others
Number of Teachers: Filipino teachers, and 7 foreign teachers
Campus Services: laundry washing, room cleaning, medical room, 24 hours security & CCTV
Campus Facilities: Swimming pool, gym, zumba and yoga hall, WIFI; Sparta campus: swimming pool, gym, table tennis, golf driving range, WIFI, mini shop
Wireless Network: Public school area
Curfew Time: Premium & Classic Campus: Sunday to Thursday 23:00, Friday Saturday 01:00; Sparta Campus: Sunday to Thursday is not allowed to go out, Friday to Saturday 01:00
Dormitory: single room, double room, triple room, quadruple room, room for 6
Courses/Program: Basic Speaking, Power Speaking, Power Native, Power TOEIC, Business course, Working Holiday, Guarantee courses; Sparta Campus: Sparta (4, 5, 6), Power IELTS, Power IELTS Guarantee; Premium Campus: Sparta ESL Junior, Kinder Course (Kindergarten), Guardian Course
Course Duration: 50 minutes
Pick-up TIme: Every weekend (starting class is every Monday)
Pick-up Fee: Group pick-up is free of charge (Php900 if another day)

School Characteristics
◆ CIJ English School was established in 2003, from the beginning to provide winter camp, the development so far, has created three different styles of the campus. CIJ is committed to improving the students’ oral English level and designed different ESL courses according to the students’ needs for the 1: 1 course and the Western foreign language curriculum so as to meet the students’ needs for the study tour in the Philippines.
◆ CIJ has three campuses: PREMIUM campus, Spartan campus, CLASSIC campus
◆ PREMIUM campus focus on young children’s English courses, more than 10 years experience. In the Philippines, young children’s English training is definitely second to none. If the parents are not around, the school provides 24 hours of teaching and care, the school will regularly report to the parents of the child’s situation.
◆ SPARTA campus set in a resort-style seaside, the school building completed in 2014, the dormitory design are facing the sea, even in the Spartan environment to learn, it will not make people feel physically and mentally exhausted. Really reached the side of the holiday, while learning through Sparta to improve the level of English purposes