ABOUT English Study Philippines (ESP)

 English Study Philippines (ESP) is an English language studying abroad agency located in Clark, Pampanga Philippines; its journey was started indulging high-quality education in the year 2015 with the excellent selective English schools.

In partnership with carefully-selected language schools, we offer language educational programs in the best schools. We work closely with our partner schools to offer an industry-leading quality of service and range of products for the right price.

The company gives consulting services to our students in providing comprehensive information of language schools based in Baguio, Cebu, Clark, Iloilo, and Bacolod. Our staff came from China and Philippines and actively assisting student’s concern regarding school and learning matters. With excellent location of our office, we have already built high reputation since we can accompany our students through whole studying life in the Philippines.

We are passionate about languages and have huge knowledge about studying languages abroad. We have real, practical expertise that can help you at every step of the way. YOUXUEPC knows all schools personally and can advise you correctly and extensively. This way we can match your language travel with the objectives you have.

English Study Philippines (ESP) regularly visits and is in constant contact with all partner schools to ensure that they are giving our students the best possible experience.

We speak to students during and after a trip to get feedback, which is then acted upon. Experience a new culture, improve your language skills and broaden your horizons. At English Study Philippines (ESP) we offer individual attention and service before, during and after your study.

We are working not only by encouraging the progress of English education to students and other related courses but also to experience and appreciate the existing beauty and culture of the Philippines.


 English Study Philippines (ESP) aims to be one of the best and trusted agencies by advocating English Language Education and giving the high-quality service to our students and school partners.



 We, the English Study Philippines (ESP), provide the continuous improvement of our service to our valued students to satisfy and to have a memorable learning experience. Caring for our students from beginning to end serves as the pathway for a better communication in our organization.


 L – Leadership

We create a vision to inspire all non-English country to advocate the English language education

 E – Equity

We provide each and every one of our students, partners, and employees an equal treatment, no matter what the situation is.

 A – Agility

We are responsive, speedy, and proactive to empower and to be part of the help during critical situations to our students and partners.

 R – Respect

We value everyone as a human being with humility.

We treat them with courtesy and dignity.

We treat them with respect.

 N – Nurture

We nurture everything for us to continuously improve.